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I help anxious achievers step off the adrenaline rollercoaster and find peace.

My journey into this work began, accidentally, in my mid-twenties. My career and relationship were on the fast track and I was checking off all the boxes of successful young adulthood. Slowly, though, mysterious and increasingly severe health issues started cropping up.

I fought gamely to keep up outward appearances, hiding and frantically trying to fix the storm that was raging inside of me, because my identity was caught up in being “perfect” and fixing other people’s problems.

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, these health challenges were intertwined with both complex and acute PTSD and a heaping dose of codependency. This created a vicious and bewildering cycle of stress, shame, time, and expense that sprawled across multiple years and significantly disrupted every facet of my life.

The canned answers and prescriptions doctors threw at me weren’t working. So, having exhausted all other options, I took matters into my own hands. I left a lucrative job I could no longer sustain to go to nutrition school and then coaching school. Using the knowledge I gained there, the support of a variety of alternative health practitioners, and intensive mindfulness and spiritual practice, I healed enough to return to my career in corporate tech.

Back in the saddle again, I continued experimenting on myself and applying my learnings back to my work as a management consultant and leadership coach. I was blown away to discover just how many brilliant, successful, high-achieving people I coached were secretly going through similar challenges: exhaustion, anxiety, health issues, burnout, a feeling they did everything right but somehow, something was still wrong - and a fear they’d be found out. Every single one of them, like me, thought they were alone in (and maybe crazy for) feeling that way.

The quiet wisdom of our hearts and bodies gets so easily sidelined and silenced as we rush frantically to check the next thing off our to-do lists, until our hearts and bodies have to scream just to get any attention. By the time we’re forced to listen, we’re already in crisis mode. The good news is, this presents us with an opportunity to pause, dive deep, and explore the unmet needs hidden in the uncomfortable places.

Done solo, this rediscovery and recovery work can be confusing, slow, lonely, and scary. It can be tough to hold on to hope that you really could feel energized and fulfilled. That’s why I’m passionate about serving as a guide and coach on your journey: someone to light the way, help ease your burden, and point out pitfalls and shortcuts along the path back to your truest self.

By tending to and amplifying that quiet voice of wisdom in your heart and body, we bring your full inner guidance system back online, to support and balance the logical, left-brain mode that’s exhausted from operating on overdrive. We bring you back home to yourself, so you can safely shed what’s no longer working for you and confidently make choices that are more aligned to your unique gifts and needs - not based on fear, people-pleasing, or compulsive resume-building.

After a decade of my own journey and helping many others through this process of self-discovery, healing, and realignment, I’m here to reassure you that it is possible. Each brave step you take on this path is a step toward a vibrant life full of connection, meaning, and beauty beyond anything you’ve imagined. Join me.

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training and experience

• ICF-certified Coach (PCC)
• National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
• Coaching fundamentals training - Co-Active Training Institute
• Positive Psychology, Health & Wellness Coaching - College of Executive Coaching
• Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
• 500+ hours client practicum
• Premier Coaching Fellow - BetterUp
• BA Cognitive Psychology, summa cum laude - UC Irvine


Anxious achievers, high performers, consultants, tech professionals, emerging leaders

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"Meredith is truly a supportive and insightful coach.

She cares deeply about helping her clients figure out “what’s next” and helping them find the confidence and accountability to take those next steps.

Meredith’s style is one where her client feels truly heard and absolutely confident that she is there to help them find their best self. I’m a big fan!” 

Lisa l.

Client Testimonials

"I left with deep insights and simple fixes.

The content on how food can influence one’s mental state was accessible and digestible (pun intended). I left the workshop with deep insights into myself and simple fixes into how I can be better and treat myself better."

Chris c.

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