Early exposure to chronic stress sets us on a collision course with all sorts of negative physical and mental health outcomes: It lowers our actual, physical stress tolerance, because the body’s stress response system gets overtaxed too soon and never gets a chance to recharge. It falsely heightens our perceived stress tolerance. If you developed […]

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The Quintuple Whammy of Early Stress

A year ago, I stepped away from a great job at a great company, with almost no notice and no other full-time employment lined up. I was doing complex, lucrative work with cool clients and a super supportive employer. So what happened? Answer #1:  I’d been preparing to go full-time solopreneur for a while, and […]

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Lessons from PTSD

I remember the scene clearly: I was sitting on the floor of my walk-in closet with the door closed behind me, light off, staring at a candle, and suddenly starting to implode. This was my first ever attempt at meditating. (I’d read about the candle thing somewhere as an easy way to keep yourself focused. […]

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When Meditation Makes It Worse