Words are magic spells. Out of thin air, words cast our identities. They weave stories about where we’ve been and who we’re capable of becoming. They can mend or break a heart. They move millions to create beauty and fight for justice or to self-destruct. Words bubble, swirl, crackle, and float through our minds relentlessly, […]

Personal Growth

Inner Quiet

Chapter 1 I grew up Baptist. I was really into it, under the radar. I never bought into the evangelical fire-and-brimstone stuff, but the social justice, flipping-over-rich-dudes’-tables-in-the-tabernacle stuff called to me deeply. (It still does.)  I loved the introspection, prayer, and deep study that came along with it. (Also, Veggie Tales. IYKYK.) More importantly, the […]

Personal Growth

Spiritual Reconnection

I remember the scene clearly: I was sitting on the floor of my walk-in closet with the door closed behind me, light off, staring at a candle, and suddenly starting to implode. This was my first ever attempt at meditating. (I’d read about the candle thing somewhere as an easy way to keep yourself focused. […]

Personal Growth

When Meditation Makes It Worse