I recently had the incredible privilege of attending a lecture by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. She’s one of the world’s most prolific and esteemed academics in the field of positive psychology. I barely maintained my composure as I got to listen to her share her groundbreaking findings about the clinically measurable impacts of positive emotion on numerous […]

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Feeling Good is Good for You

Do you struggle to actually believe and internalize positive feedback about yourself? I’ve been there myself, and 100% of my high performer clients fall into this category – despite being some of the most competent and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Here’s what I think is going on. See if any or […]

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Immunity to Kindness

Do you know your strengths? Research shows that people who are aware of their strengths, and use them every day, experience 18x higher life satisfaction than those who don’t.  That number is nothing to sneeze at.  This means that knowing and utilizing our strengths is a more effective prescription for fulfillment than just about anything else – including winning […]

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18x Your Life Satisfaction

I’ve been tremendously enjoying reading “The Good Life” by Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz.  The book briefly touches on a few different adult development theories, which particularly caught my attention because they provide a beautiful framework to make sense of how I felt for many years, and something I hear all the time from my […]

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When the Insides Don’t Match the Outside

Chapter 1 I grew up Baptist. I was really into it, under the radar. I never bought into the evangelical fire-and-brimstone stuff, but the social justice, flipping-over-rich-dudes’-tables-in-the-tabernacle stuff called to me deeply. (It still does.)  I loved the introspection, prayer, and deep study that came along with it. (Also, Veggie Tales. IYKYK.) More importantly, the […]

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Spiritual Reconnection

Accidental lies I’ve told in interview or promotion conversations: “I am passionate about continuing to grow my leadership in the nonprofit fundraising space.” “I am passionate about optimizing business processes and automating data flow.” “I am passionate about scaling Agile practices across the enterprise.” All of these statements were patently false. Total nonsense. (They’re also […]


Finding Your True Passions

Making life decisions got a lot easier once I got clear on my personal mission statement. It came to me out of the blue one day, and was startlingly different from the principles I’d been orienting my life around. What I had been making decisions based on were the unconscious drives to a) have an […]

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Crafting Your Mission Statement

Imagine you’re sitting in a car, wanting to take a road trip to the destination of your dreams. But the following things are true: You’re sitting in the passenger seat You don’t know how a car works You don’t know where you want to end up You don’t know how to read road signs You […]

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The Road Trip

Once, stuck in a crazy-making role early in my career, my best work friend and I invented a game I called the “margarita clock.” We sat down at our desks at 8 am sharp every morning, and we’d see how long we could make it before we felt the intense urge to drink a margarita […]

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The Way Forward