If you’re anything like me and my clients, you’re great at remembering everything you got wrong or haven’t done yet – and terrible at remembering all the good, important stuff you actually DID do. Most of us believe the toxic myth that we only get better through criticism and punishment – beating ourselves up. We […]

Personal Growth

Reprogramming Negativity Bias

Words are magic spells. Out of thin air, words cast our identities. They weave stories about where we’ve been and who we’re capable of becoming. They can mend or break a heart. They move millions to create beauty and fight for justice or to self-destruct. Words bubble, swirl, crackle, and float through our minds relentlessly, […]

Personal Growth

Inner Quiet

The recent news about overturning Roe v. Wade really triggered me. My nervous system dysregulated: I couldn’t focus, I felt outside of myself, everything started to look bleak, and I felt personally attacked in a very visceral way that went deeper than I could articulate. I want to be effective and useful in advancing the […]

Personal Growth

Deprogramming Triggers