Do you struggle to actually believe and internalize positive feedback about yourself? I’ve been there myself, and 100% of my high performer clients fall into this category – despite being some of the most competent and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Here’s what I think is going on. See if any or […]

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Immunity to Kindness

An uncomfortable truth about those New Year’s Resolutions: We don’t change until the actual pain of not changing exceeds the perceived pain of trying something different. The paradoxical good news, once we make it over that high change-aversion threshold, is:  The bigger the pain, the bigger the turnaround. That’s why I’m deeply grateful that shit […]

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We Don’t Change Until…

A year ago, I stepped away from a great job at a great company, with almost no notice and no other full-time employment lined up. I was doing complex, lucrative work with cool clients and a super supportive employer. So what happened? Answer #1:  I’d been preparing to go full-time solopreneur for a while, and […]

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Lessons from PTSD

“Make a different mistake.” This has been my mantra through dozens of critical decisions and moments of uncertainty over the last couple of years. Trusting myself hasn’t come easily. Years of gaslighting and unwinnable situations scrambled my signals and created paralyzing doubt around my choices. Reaching some mystical moment of perfect clarity was, most of […]

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Make a Different Mistake