This is the first installment of a series on the most common “cognitive distortions,” or thinking errors. Most of us are subject to these, and they can hold us back from our full potential and cause totally unnecessary angst. The good news is that once you know what they are, they’re pretty easy to spot and self-correct. […]

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Are you a mind reader?

I used to have a notoriously black thumb. Every plant I bought or was gifted, I managed to kill – somehow even succulents, the needless, resilient warriors of the plant kingdom. Early in the pandemic, I decided it was time to turn things around. I started by hanging out regularly at my local nursery. In […]

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In Full Bloom

If everyone started to sincerely believe and live by these truths, I’d have (happily) worked myself out of a job: So – reflection time. Grab a journal or just spend a moment answering these questions in your own mind.  If you’d like to share, feel free to reply and share your answers with me – […]

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9 Truths to Change Your Life

I recently had the incredible privilege of attending a lecture by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. She’s one of the world’s most prolific and esteemed academics in the field of positive psychology. I barely maintained my composure as I got to listen to her share her groundbreaking findings about the clinically measurable impacts of positive emotion on numerous […]

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Feeling Good is Good for You

Do you struggle to actually believe and internalize positive feedback about yourself? I’ve been there myself, and 100% of my high performer clients fall into this category – despite being some of the most competent and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Here’s what I think is going on. See if any or […]

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Immunity to Kindness

Do you know your strengths? Research shows that people who are aware of their strengths, and use them every day, experience 18x higher life satisfaction than those who don’t.  That number is nothing to sneeze at.  This means that knowing and utilizing our strengths is a more effective prescription for fulfillment than just about anything else – including winning […]

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18x Your Life Satisfaction

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life.  Maybe you have, too. Maybe you look back on certain decisions you made, or phases you went though, with bafflement or shame. Once you’ve gleaned whatever lessons are to be had from those experiences, here are two ways to access a new perspective, to find more […]

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Making Peace with Past

I’ve been tremendously enjoying reading “The Good Life” by Robert Waldinger and Marc Schulz.  The book briefly touches on a few different adult development theories, which particularly caught my attention because they provide a beautiful framework to make sense of how I felt for many years, and something I hear all the time from my […]

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When the Insides Don’t Match the Outside

Let’s be real. Meditation sucks. Especially when you’re first getting started. But for some of us, the suckage is really intense. It goes much deeper than the usual fidgetiness or distractibility. If meditation feels totally overwhelming and unbearable, we need to talk. This can be a SUPER important clue about you and it requires a totally different approach than is […]

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When Meditation is Misery

This is the final installment of our series on the most common “cognitive distortions,” or thinking errors.  Cognitive distortion #9 is… Disqualifying the positive What it is: “Disqualifying the positive” is a cognitive distortion that involves downplaying or dismissing positive experiences, achievements, or feedback while focusing solely on the negative aspects of a situation.  It’s almost as […]

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Disqualifying the Positive